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Professional references

References can be provided upon request. Please contact me for further information.


Please see a few below, or the full list is available on my LinkedIn profile under the Recommendations section.

Kevin was an absolute joy to work with. Super smart, energetic, enthusiastic and yet to meet a problem he couldn’t fix (or enjoy working out a way to fix).

Developers often get a bad rap as being overly technical or talking in jargon. Kevin sits in the sweet-spot of being able to ‘talk tech’ and ‘plain English’ too.

He was equally at home talking to fellow developers; leading a developer SCRUM team; or calling out 3rd party developers on if/when they tried to pull the wool over the eyes of less technically able colleagues.

He can also explain complex ideas or solutions in language that everyone can understand too.

Kevin’s a brilliant combination of technical brilliance coupled with the communication skills to make things happen - and all without making you feel like you’re not as clever as him (even if, like most of us, you’re not!).

Andrew Cock-Starkey, SEO Consultant, Founder of Optimisey
Working with Kevin was / is a pleasure. He is a very professional individual whose job hunt was short due to his extensive knowledge and credibility. Whenever available, I would instantly send his CV to a client who was looking for JavaScript expertise - and having placed into his team, I can recommend him as a great team lead and good mentor to work under.
Craig Mullen, Founder & Director, Ncounter Technology Recruitment

Kevin and I worked in a very tight deadline mobile project and his experience, advices, leadership and technical skills were decisive to the success of the project.

He has passion for all things related to front end and has a vast experience in this field. He is very knowledgeable in e-commerce and that makes him a great asset in terms of suggestions, guidance and ideas generation.

Another characteristic of his is a very calm tone of voice and a very polite and reasoned way of expressing his ideas and sharing knowledge. That for me is very important too.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with him and definitely look forward to do it again.

Dani Vicario, Vertical farming PO
I worked closely with Kevin on several projects whilst I was at Perform Group. I always found him to be a team player, with a good grasp of all the core web development skills expected from a senior developer. I was also impressed by the way he was able to grasp new concepts and to quickly “upskill” where needed.